BioShock 2 Single Player DLC: Protector Trials Announced w/ Trailer

By Jon Ireson

July 1, 2010

New BioShock 2 Single Player add-on content has been announced. Six new maps will be added, each with 3 difficulty settings. This downloadable experience will also include seven new Achievements/Trophies as well as new un-lockable items and, as a bonus, concept art and videos will be included as well. This download pack is the first single player additional content to BioShock 2 but it will not be the last.

BioShock 2‘s first DLC, Protector Trials aims to give players more of what they already love by expanding on fan favorite areas of the game. Protector Trials, as you may have guessed by the name, is also meant to increase the challenge offered in the BioShock 2 Single Player. In the DLC, players will be tasked with protecting their Little Sister from onslaughts of Splicers.

This download pack will be available August 3rd, 2010 from Xbox Live and PlayStation Network as well as on PC for either 400 Microsoft Points or $4.99. Check out the trailer which features game-play, cuddly little girls and devils, and will let you know what to expect from Protector Trials. Also be on the lookout for the next single player DLC which will feature a deep narrative focus.

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