Upcoming BioShock Game Reportedly Had its Development Rebooted a Few Years Back

Upcoming BioShock Game Reportedly Had its Development Rebooted a Few Years Back

The fourth BioShock entry was at one time being developed at Certain Affinity before 2K canned the project and brought it in-house.

Essentially out of nowhere this morning, 2K Games announced that it was formally working on a new entry in the BioShock series at a newly announced studio called Cloud Chamber. While this is the first that the general public has heard about this new BioShock project, it seemingly isn’t the first time that 2K has tried to revive the franchise in recent years.

In a new report from Kotaku, it was said that 2K Games first greenlit work on the fourth BioShock game back in 2015. Developer Certain Affinity, who has previously worked on games in the Halo and Call of Duty franchises, was tapped as the developer of the project at the time, which is interesting since the studio isn’t owned by 2K. Come the following year though, 2K ended up cancelling the work that Certain Affinity had done and decided to have one of their own studios work on the game.

Since that time, 2K began staffing up at a new studio in Novato, California, to work on this BioShock game. Some began noticing that 2K was beginning to hire a variety of new developers to work at this unannounced studio a few years back, and it was inferred by many that this new mystery company would end up being the developer of a new BioShock. As of today, it seems as though those past moves have essentially been confirmed.

While it’s not unusual to see projects get rebooted from time to time, it is interesting to think about what Certain Affinity’s vision for a new BioShock game would have been. Regardless, it’s still good to know that a new entry in the series is now coming, although it’ll likely be a few years until it sees the light of day.