Bioshock Infinite Not Terrifying Enough? Meet the Boys of Silence

on March 20, 2012 9:30 AM

You’ve seen the Motorized Patriot, and the Handyman… But are you ready for the horrific new addition to the Bioshock Infinite cast of creepers?

Irrational Games’ third featurette, “Heavy Hitters Part 3,” features the Boys of Silence, a being that packs little physical punch but if feared for the sound it makes. Now I know what you’re thinking, these things look pretty goofy. But remember that unsettling feeling you get around mascots? Couple that with the fact that they’re blind but can sense your presence by sound and you’ve got one tough opponent on your hands. Not to mention the sounds they make…

Check out the clip below. You may want to keep the volume down on this one.


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