BioShock Remastered Will Launch on Mac Just After the Original Turns 10 Years Old

The release date for BioShock Remastered on Mac will come one day after the original game celebrates its 10 year anniversary.

on August 15, 2017 8:53 PM

The 10th anniversary of the original BioShock will be on August 21, but Mac OS publisher has something special planned for the next day. On August 22, BioShock Remastered will launch on Mac.

Back when it originally released for PC and Xbox 360 on August 21, 2007, BioShock shocked many with its dark tale of an alternative 1960 reality. The ideals of Rapture, a city meant to be an underwater utopia, have gone horribly awry. The game’s main character must undergo transformations, literally rewriting his genetic code in order to combat the citizens of Rapture who have utterly lost their minds. But Rapture holds terrible truths at the bottom of the ocean. It will take courage to discover them all.

BioShock Remastered originally released within BioShock: The Collection in 2016. The game will become available on the Feral Interactive store and Steam for $19.99 when it releases on August 22. Shortly after that, it will become available on the App Store for $19.99.

If you’re curious how this port might turn out, you can take the original BioShock’s port to OS X as an example, as Feral Interactive was also responsible for that.

Hopes for a BioShock film may be dashed for the time being, but if you were wondering what happened to it, director Gore Verbinski recently detailed his impressions of why the project was doomed.

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