BioWare Already Has Ideas for a “Theoretical” Dragon Age 5

BioWare Already Has Ideas for a “Theoretical” Dragon Age 5

BioWare has longterm plans for its fantasy RPG series Dragon Age.

The future of BioWare has been a bit nebulous as of late. While the company’s attention seems to be all focused on 2018-bound and new IP, Anthem, BioWare still has some franchises that have been near the center of gaming in the last decade.

One of these IP, Mass Effect, apparently is being put on ice following the mess that was Mass Effect: Andromeda’s launch earlier this year in March. But BioWare also has the Dragon Age franchise. And while the most recent entry in the series — Dragon Age: Inquisition — was a bit divisive for a variety of reasons, it did propel the series further into the front of the industry’s mindshare, racking in a large amount of game of the year awards in 2014.

But what is the future of Dragon Age in a post Anthem announcement world? Well, in short, pretty good, as BioWare apparently still has a long plan for the growing franchise.

Speaking to a fan on TwitterDragon Age boss Mike Laidlaw revealed that his team already has ideas for a “theoretical” Dragon Age 5.

Further, when the question of whether or not the fantasy RPG series once had a set conclusion was raised, Laidlaw responded: “There is no planned ending for DA.” This can be taken a few ways: one, if you’re a fan of the series, the idea that Dragon Age might not end anytime soon is awesome news. On the other hand, if the IP takes a turn for the worst (similar to Mass Effect) and is potentially thrown in the waste bin without a satisfying conclusion to the series: well that would suck.

In the same response on Twitter, Laidlaw adds:

“There is an evolving plan that tends to look two games ahead or so.”

This type of two games ahead mentality isn’t something new for the franchise either. The antagonist in Dragon Age Inquisition was featured via Dragon Age 2 DLC. And if you played Inquisition’s marvelous epilogue DLC Tresspasser you would have seen a blatant and tantalizing set up for the inevitable next entry in the series, aka Dragon Age 4. 

Speaking of Dragon Age 4 (or whatever the next installment will be titled) while neither BioWare or EA have formally announced anything, it’s no secret that another game has already begun development, as revealed by writer Alexis Kennedy. Meanwhile, Laidlaw himseld has said in the past as well that more of the fantasy series is forthcoming.

With Anthem not shipping until next year, it’s safe to say that we shouldn’t expect a new Dragon Age until 2019 at least.