Bioware Announces “Overlord” DLC for Mass Effect 2

Bioware Announces “Overlord” DLC for Mass Effect 2


If you’re counting, this is the second paid DLC provided by Bioware for their epic space odyssey Mass Effect 2. The first one, Kasumi’s Stolen Memory, was worth the price. Will it be the same with this one? Given Bioware’s track record, it is a good possibility, but I will hold out judgement until I get my hands on it. Needless to say, the DLC is called “Overlord“. In it, your team is sent to investigate a Cerberus base that has gone silent all of the sudden. What shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone is that you find it being overrun by Geth.

This may seem pretty standard on the surface, but it seems like there was some gruesome experiments going on at this research base. Scientists were working to fuse a human volunteer with a virtual intelligence. They did succeed, to a point. They created a rampaging VI “overlord”, that is going around attacking Cerberus bases, taking any technology it finds under its control (including the Geth, I assume). So, naturally, your job is to infiltrate the VI’s defenses and nix its terror spree before it can get any worse.

According to Bioware, there are five new level areas and new achievements to go along with the DLC, which doesn’t have a solid date yet (we’re thinking June sometime?). However, the price seems to be solidified at 560 Microsoft spacebucks (560 Bioware points).

This DLC seems to be more action-oriented and larger in scope than the Kasumi DLC, but it doesn’t seem like this one comes with a new party member. A decent trade off to spice things up a bit, no doubt.