BioWare Explains How Anthem Can Influence New Dragon Age and Mass Effect Games

BioWare Explains How Anthem Can Influence New Dragon Age and Mass Effect Games

Producer Mark Darrah and Michael Gamble explain how the development of Anthem can influence new BioWare games that will come after.

Today, during a panel at PAX West, BioWare talked about the ways their upcoming online action-RPG Anthem will influence future games.

Executive Producer Mark Darrah started by talking about the importance of Fort Tarsis as a hub, and in future games belonging to the Dragon Age franchise or others, there are going to be more reactive and deep hubs.

“One of the things that we’ve really done in Anthem is focusing a lot of attention on Fort Tarsis. It’s the primary place where we do reactive storytelling. I think as a result we pushed Fort Tarsis further than we’ve ever pushed any of our hubs, before. It’s a more reactive space. It’s a space that feels more living and more alive. I think going forward in future Dragon Age games or other games that we’re going to see that reactivity, that depth in our hubs that we’ve really been able to bring out in Anthem.”

Lead Producer Michael Gamble added that another big element is the continuation of the story after launch. In Anthem BioWare has the ability to continue telling great stories through the years after launch.

“I hope that in future games, whether it’s Dragon Age or the other one that starts with Mass, we’ll continue to utilize this kind of storytelling.”

If you want to learn more about Anthem, you can watch the brand new trailer and screenshots revealed today, and a new video showcasing the dialogue system. You should also check out our preview of the EA Play build of the game.

The game will launch on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on February 22nd, 2019. A demo will be released for all platforms on February 1st.

You can already pre-order your copy on Amazon.