BioWare’s Anthem’s Release Month Announced: March 2019

BioWare’s Anthem’s Release Month Announced: March 2019

Electronic Arts announced the release month of BioWare's new action-RPG Anthem, framing the release window in March 2019.

During Electronic Arts’ financial conference call for the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2018 Chief Financial Officer Blake Jorgensen framed the release window of Anthem more precisely.

Until now, we knew that the game would come in the fourth quarter of the fiscal year, but now we know the month. Jorgensen announced that the game will be released in the last month of the quarter, which means March 2019.

Jorgensen also mentioned that since Anthem is a new IP the publisher is being conservative about its outlook for the game. That being said, EA is “very excited” about it, since it’s “extremely unique” and players are going to “really enjoy playing it.”

Earlier during the call, Chief Executive Officer Andrew Wilson talked about Anthem in more detail, if you’re curious, you can read the previous article, also giving more info on the new Battlefield.

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