BioWare Marketing Anthem With Official Corn Maze

BioWare Marketing Anthem With Official Corn Maze

BioWare's marketing team is taking things to a new level with Anthem, courtesy of corn.

Looking forward to BioWare’s new IP Anthem? Like corn? Well you might want to sit down for this one then. Ready? Today, BioWare revealed an official Anthem corn maze.

According to BioWare, in a world saturated with banners and billboards, it wanted to try something different for Anthem, it’s new IP. So, rather than do things the more traditional way, it decided to go the unconventional route: corn maze. That’s right, Anthem’s big AAA marketing budget is being spent on corn mazes: which is brilliant. As Jon Warner, Game Director of Anthem, points out, what better way is there to show the growth of a new game then with corn? The answer is nothing, Jon.

BioWare teamed up with Edmonton Corn Maze for the design, which features a big BioWare logo and a soldier decked out in a exo-suit.

Anthem is in development for PS4, Xbox One and PC, aiming to release sometime in 2018.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the game’s gameplay debut, that was showcased during E3 2017. Additionally, you can also read more about the game’s setting, combat, and more for further details on what you can expect from the new IP, which apparently is more Star Wars than Mass Effect.

Or you could do none of that and just check out this damn corn maze: