Bioware Devs: Dragon Age Franchise Has No End Planned; Exploring Frostbite Mods For The Future

Bioware Devs: Dragon Age Franchise Has No End Planned; Exploring Frostbite Mods For The Future

A few of the talented folk from Bioware recently took some time out of their day to answer the burning questions of their fans.

Granted, some questions were a little daft, but a few of them actually managed to get the developers to open up a little and share a few pieces of information that their followers should find interesting.

One curious fan asked if the popular Dragon Age and Mass Effect franchises would end or if Bioware will keep “cranking them out” as long players keep throwing their money at them.

Mark Darrah stated that the firm “don’t have a sunset planned for the Dragon Age franchise at this time,” no doubt pleasing the many fans of the adventurous RPG series.

Meanwhile Aaryn Flynn gave his opinion on the apparent “cranking out” of the popular titles.

Yeah I don’t know about “cranking out as long as they keep selling”. EVENTUALLY these things just get fatigued and need to rest until people are prepared to carry that torch again. By the same token, there’s a cycle to entertainment – if you’d told me 10 years ago that there would be a healthy resurgence of isometric RPGs (Pillars of Eternity, more Baludur’s Gate, and more), I’d have said you were crazy! But here we are, and I’m glad I was wrong.

He’s got a point, just take a look at the amount of 2D side-scrollers we’ve seen over the past few years, a genre which many thought to be done and dusted.

PC players often enjoy expanding their games by the way of modifications. Skyrim is a prime example of what mods can do for a game with a dedicated enough fan base.

Asked why the developers chose to use the Frostbite engine and why mods are seemingly out of the questions, Creative Director Mike Laidlaw explained that he would like to explore the capability of mods for future games.

Frostbite presents many technical hurdles. We would like to explore mod-capability in the future, but given the number of games that use this engine, it is a very long and involved discussion.