Bioware Giving Away Five Surprises This Week for the Holidays [UPDATE]

Bioware Giving Away Five Surprises This Week for the Holidays [UPDATE]

UPDATE 1: Our original report included that Mass Effect 2 was included as the first free game from Bioware’s holiday giveaways on PC, with the title originally discounted by 100% when looking in the Origin Store. However, at this time the game has reverted back to its original price of $19.99 – whether or not Mass Effect 2 will be the first free giveaway game from Bioware or if it was made free a bit too early is unclear at this time, though we will be on the lookout for when Bioware officially confirms its first free giveaway title. 

UPDATE 2: The first giveaway has been revealed by Bioware as a plush Krogan doll from the Mass Effect series, which Twitter users can enter a giveaway by retweeting for a chance to win the doll – a winner will be chosen on January 4th. Stay tuned for the next giveaways from Bioware for the holidays, which the studio will be doing for five days.

Original story below:

The holidays are here and in this time during the season of giving, developer Bioware is feeling festive and will be giving away five free mystery games throughout the week to keep gamers busy during the coldest months of the year.

Bioware revealed through its Twitter page that the studio will be giving away five free games this week leading up to Christmas, with the first game appearing to be Mass Effect 2 being free through Origin on PC.

Origin users can go over to the game’s page in store, or click here, to access the title and add it to your Origin library. With the upcoming release of Mass Effect Andromeda next year, it might be a good idea to take advantage of the free copy and either play or replay the series in preparation for the next adventure.

Bioware’s free games giveaway for the holidays officially begins today, starting with Mass Effect 2 – stay tuned throughout the week as more titles are given out throughout the week.