BioWare Helping Maxis In Darkspore Development

on July 26, 2010 10:55 AM

BioWare Helping Maxis In Darkspore Development

BioWare is known for their alluring western RPG games. Without a doubt, they’ve established themselves as respectable folk in this industry by bringing us renown games since the 90’s. It’s why it’s really not a surprise to see Sims developer Maxis Studio receive a helping hand with their upcoming action adventure title, Darkspore, from the Canadian development studio – a game that positively resembles past BioWare games, respectively.

How much help Maxis is receiving from BioWare is unknown. However, if we track BioWare’s success in the genre, we can pretty much determine that they’re lending enough resources to make Darkspore anti-sucky. If you’re familiar with games like Neverwinter Nights, or Baldur’s Gate (two games which somewhat resemble Darkspore visually), then you’ll know why BioWare’s generous “help” can be positively received. Once we get word as to just how much help Maxis is getting from BioWare, we’ll make sure to update this post. Darkspore is already sounding more and more intriguing as nears.


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