Bioware Hiring Star Wars: The Old Republic Players To Test The Endgame

Bioware Hiring Star Wars: The Old Republic Players To Test The Endgame

Testing changes to the endgame of a MMORPG before they go live is always a challenge and public test servers can help only to a point, due to their opt-in nature and to the fact that the efforts of those playing on them can be rather unfocused.

BioWare decided to solve the problem by hiring more local testers that live near their Austin, TX studio, and may have chosen to ask the right people: their own player base.
Applicants must be experienced with endgame Operations, Warzones and Flashpoints and must fill this survey in order to be considered.

It’s a temporary paid position and will entail testing for at least one weekend a month, so if you’re looking for a small additional job to round up your income while testing a MMORPG, or just for a chance to put the foot in the door of the gaming industry (even if internal tester positions aren’t exactly an immense career advancement, they are a start), this may be a good one to look into.

BioWare is also seeking for endgame-worthy guilds to apply in order to test the upcoming patch 1.2. For this no salary is mentioned, but there’s also no location requirement.

Guilds can apply following the instructions here and those that are selected will get their characters manually copied to the public test server, in order to be able to test the sizable batch of endgame content coming with version 1.2.