BioWare Invites Kids With Cancer to Receive the BioWare Experience

on December 18, 2011 2:00 PM

Earlier this year BioWare participated in the Kids With Cancer Society’s “Beaded Journey Gala”, offering a “BioWare Experience” up for auction. The result of the winning $15,500 auction sent several of the kids to BioWare to claim their prize. The children spent the day touring the studio and checking out all kinds of behind the scenes stuff for The Old Republic, even getting some hands on time with the game.

But the ultimate prize came later, as they selected a character from the Dragon Age Universe and a name for that character. They then created textures for them using a set of crayons (which were scanned and put onto the characters), and did some voice-work to act out a scene.

The end result is available after the break and I have to warn you in advance that it is absolutely hilarious and adorable. My favorite’s the big blue guy with the little girl doing the voice.

Looks like there are still some awesome people in this world. 

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