BioWare Makes Fun of Marvel’s Spider-Man’s “PuddleGate” Controversy

BioWare Makes Fun of Marvel’s Spider-Man’s “PuddleGate” Controversy

Anthem's developers make fun of the overblown "PuddleGate" controversy that affected Marvel's Spider-Man at PAX West.

Over the past few days, parts of the internet have been up in arms about the graphics of Insomniac Games’ Marvel’s Spider-Man, mistaking a change in lighting and alterations to some puddles of water for artistic reasons as a “downgrade.”

Of course, that’s pretty much nonsense. Yet, it certainly shows that due to actual downgrades happened in the past, it’s very easy for some to overreact to changes made to games over the course of development, which are an entirely normal part of any development process.


During a panel at Pax West, BioWare showcased the screenshot at the bottom of the post, and Lead Producer Michael Gamble mentioned:

“In this screenshot — there is a lot to unpack here — but most importantly, you’ll see that there is a puddle in the ground right in the middle there. So before we move on, there’s a 98% chance that puddle is gonna be changed, moved, reduced…”

The audience pretty much knew where this was going since “puddle” was mentioned, as some started to laugh before the joke was even completed. You can check out a clip of the joke below because it’s hilarious, and the written form doesn’t do it justice.

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