BioWare Releases Another Q&A For The Old Republic

By Miranda Quillen

June 2, 2012

It seems BioWare has things back on track after the recent layoffs and The Old Republic’s Q&As have become a weekly occurrence once more. While last week’s Q&A revealed that ranked warzones and the PvP Pre-Season will be in the coming Game Update 1.3, this week’s post announced that the warzones will not be cross-server as initially planned. It’s unclear whether BioWare made a design decision to move away from cross-server warzones, or whether technical issues prevented the cross-server queuing of players, but for the time being, all PvP will be with players on the same server.

We also got a few hints as to the future of the Legacy System. Someday soon it may be possible to include other players in your family tree, and perhaps even share unlocks and benefits. It was also mentioned that the development team was kicking around new ideas for the social points system, one of which was tying it to a player’s legacy rather then per-character.

The one question everyone seems to really want to know about, server transfers, was mostly just brushed off. BioWare has been extremely tight lipped about transfers since announcing them at the Guild Summit months ago, giving rise to all sorts of rumors, including a recent one revolving around the creation of mega-servers. The rest of the Q&A is mostly just a re-hash of things we already know, but at least they bothered to put something out.

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