BioWare Releases New Community Q&A for The Old Republic

BioWare Releases New Community Q&A for The Old Republic

While this one isn’t exactly packed with new information, there are a few gems, just not much on the layoffs that people have been talking about lately. If you follow the game or Dualshockers, you may have already seen that BioWare is accepting signups for testing of Game Update 1.3. That’s so they can copy your characters over to the test server and save you some trouble testing The Old Republic.

Getting back to the Q&A itself, this one also focused on the coming Game Update 1.3, which EA has taken to calling “Allies” because it will feature a group-finder system. The group finder itself was described as not being cross-server which may be a hindrance to players on the smaller servers when using it.

Those players may be tempted to use the new server transfer tools BioWare is setting up may be frustrated to know that the team is still being tight lipped about how exactly the transfers will work, especially considering character and legacy names, though they have promised to try and make transitions as smooth as possible.

On the good news front, though we do now have a confirmation that ranked warzones will appear in Game Update 1.3. According to Daniel Erickson, they just have to sort out a few conflicts with the group finder and people queuing for PvP and PvE at once before they can launch them both.  Hopefully they can finally get them into live.

The promised social item update will also make it’s debut in Game Update 1.3, allowing players who wear medium and heavy armor to use social gear without sacrificing surviveability. Coupled with the addition of augment terminals we’ve already heard about, this will allow players to wear social armor as top level endgame gear. Finally I can tank in a metal bikini!

Finally BioWare did offer some speculation on the future. While many players would like character bios, the problem with them is one of data storage, the same reason why friends list comments were removed until 1.2. Once the problem is sorted sometime in the future, they may allow players to create bios for their characters.