BioWare Finally Reveals Why Dragon Age 2’s Exalted March Expansion Was Cancelled

on January 13, 2017 2:04 PM

When it released in 2011, Dragon Age 2 was incredibly polarizing for numerous reasons. It was a step in a different, more “actioney” direction from the previous Dragon Age: Origins, which was beloved. Further, for many people and critics alike, the game was just simply underwhelming.

Fast-forward to when BioWare announced that it was cancelling Dragon Age 2’s expansion — titled Exalted March — the internet broke out in speculation that BioWare was cutting its loses on the game and moving on to its next project. This was a common theory, but never a confirmed one. Alas, BioWare never truly revealed why they called it quits on the expansion. That is, until a few days ago.

Taking to Twitter, Dragon Age creative director Mike Laidlaw finally revealed the motives behind the cancellation, and it was not what everyone thought: it actually had to with EA’s new Frostbite Engine, and the complication that it brought along.

Laidlaw later continues with details about the expansion specifically:

Laidlaw concludes by stating that that expansion had some really interesting stories to tell, and an opportunity to learn more about Sebastian’s family. He also states that he personally thinks it was the right call, so that there could be more focus on the engine.

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