BioWare Wants Your Help For New Mass Effect

By Masoud House

November 8, 2012

Executive producer Casey Hudson recently tweeted the following:


This tweet only adds more positivity to the complex relationship Bioware has had with its audience.

2012 was a rough year for BioWare. Starting with Mass Effect: Deception (a book so ignorant of the series canon that fans felt deceived themselves), to the original Mass Effect 3 endings, fan reaction bordered from mild discontent to extreme rage, from angry tweets to death threats. It was enough that when BioWare Co-Founders Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk announced their retirement from the industry, rumors attributed the negativity of this year to their departure.

But BioWare listened to their fans on both occasions, starting with apologizing for Deception and then–upon receiving an overwhelming response–working on the Extended Cut endings for Mass Effect 3, and even offering incentives, despite mixed feelings about artistic integrity.

Since then, the relationship between BioWare and its fans has grown substantially, and after offering tons of DLC, are ready to move onto the next full game.

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No matter how the endings have been interpreted, BioWare has confirmed that Shepard’s story is over.

So with a virtually clean slate, where do you see the Mass Effect series going?

Tell us in the comments below and then go post them to Casey Hudson’s page!

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