Bioware’s Casey Hudson Says Improvements to Anthem Will Take Time

Bioware’s Casey Hudson Says Improvements to Anthem Will Take Time

In a new blog post, Bioware's Casey Hudson provides an update on improvements coming to Anthem.

In a new post on Bioware’s blog, creative director Casey Hudson provides an update on Anthem and says that adding new improvements will take time.

“Over the last few weeks we’ve been ramping up our Cataclysm event – a season-long event with new arenas, enemies, challenges, and rewards,” says Hudson. “We have a big team in both Austin and Edmonton, and while it’s been great to see the community response to Cataclysm, I know there’s a lot more work to do to bring out the full potential of the game. We have plans for those more fundamental improvements, but they’ll take time. While the team works towards the longer-term vision of the game, they will also continue to deliver updates to features and content. I believe in Anthem and would love to see its world grow, evolve, and thrive for years to come. Thanks for your patience and support as we do the work of constantly improving and expanding the experience.”

Since its launch in February, Anthem has had its share of controversy. From mixed reviews to a bug that bricked some PlayStation 4 consoles to name a few, the game has had its share of issues along the way. That being said, Anthem managed to be February’s best-selling game according to NPD. As Hudson mentions in the blog post, the game’s Cataclysm update also includes new story content and challenges for players to tackle.

Anthem is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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