Adorable Golfing Game Birdie Crush Calls All Aspiring Golfers to Take Part in Its Global Beta Test

Golf game Birdie Crush opens a global beta test from the 3rd to 14th September, inviting you to take on the green and get a hole in one

on September 3, 2018 12:25 PM

Developer Com2uS has today announced that its new casual golf game, Birdie Crush, has opened its doors and are inviting players in to take part in a global beta test. The beta is a worldwide affair being held in eight different languages.

Folks with an Android can download the beta from the Google Play Store where some special rewards await them like a swanky beta test exclusive uniform so you can show off that you’re part of some elite group of sorts and to accompany that, you will receive a fairy lamp golf bag which is legendary equipment.

Birdie Crush consists of strange characters and cute animals as you make your way around the course and assorted modes such as near pin competition and a goodwill match – a mode where you can play with your friends to show off each other’s skills. You can even accessorize your equipment like clubs and caddie bags where you will be the talk of the green. Although, I think it may have a little bit to go before it matches against the likes of Yakuza 3 mini-golf game.

Birdie Crush global open beta is available today until the 14 September on Android, iOS, and Switch. Take a look at the real-time PvP Birdie Crush gameplay trailer below:

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