Mike Bithell’s Newest Game Quarantine Circular Gets Surprise Launch

Mike Bithell surprises everyone by announcing his latest short-form text adventure, Quarantine Circular, is available now to download and play.

on May 22, 2018 3:55 PM

Today, Mike Bithell of Bithell Games surprises us yet again with another short-form sci-fi text adventure, Quarantine Circular. It is available right now to purchase and play.

Bithell took to Twitter to announced the game. “Quarantine Circular. A narrative short game we made about talking to an alien on a boat,” Bithell said about the new game. “If you liked Subsurface Circular, this might be worth a look.” Along with the tweet was a gif showing some of its gameplay.

For those who have not played Subsurface Circular, it is a text adventure game that uses modern dialogue systems in order to solve various problems and progress through the game; it is also very short, only lasting roughly two hours to complete. From the looks of the gif Bithell posted, Quarantine Circular will follow suit.

Quarantine Circular is currently available on PC via Steam. Usually, the game would cost $5.99 but to celebrate its release, it is 20% off bringing it down to $4.79.

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