bitHuffel Indie Collective Launches With Four New Free Downloadable Games

bitHuffel Indie Collective Launches With Four New Free Downloadable Games


bitHuffel, a new Dutch collective of indie developers, have just launched: to celebrate their launch, they’ve released their first four games: Color-op, RedplusBlue, Zenzizenzic and LaserJet, for free, all of which can viewed below, with the their respective trailers and screenshots.

All of the games have been made separately by the three friends and developers who make up bitHuffel, Arno de Bruijn, Ruud Koorevaar and Thomas Pathuis, except for LaserJet, which is their first joint project. The games can all be downloaded individually (links provided in each section), or together in one package by clicking here.

The developers wanted to note that the games, however finely polished, are still being developed, and are currently prototypes. For more information about bitHuffel, check out the bitHuffel website and Facebook page.



A two-player game, Color-op is a co-operative arcade game where both players control a flying ship that holds a glowing orb. Using a PC controller, players can change the colors of their orb with their face buttons. By making sure both ships are in range of each other and have charged the same color, players can connect their orbs with a beam. Using this beam, players can defeat oncoming waves of a colored invasion.

Click here to download Color-op, or check out the Color-op Steam page for more details.



RedplusBlue is a game where one player controls two characters simultaneously, with a goal of getting the characters together. RedplusBlue is a co-op puzzle-platformer where bringing Red and Blue together involves solving puzzles and mastering platforming skills.

Click here to download RedplusBlue; for more details, check out the game’s Steam Page, Facebook Page, and Developer Blog.



Zenzizenzic is a fast-paced twin-stick shoot ’em up that gives players that classic bullet pattern-dodging gameplay, along with building up high scores and taking on various challenges. A second player can join in for even more destructive fun.

Click here to download Zenzizenzic; for more details, check out the Zenzizenzic‘s Steam Page, Facebook Page, and Developer Blog.



LaserJet is a retro-styled three-player battle arena game, designed to be fast-paced and action-packed. Players control characters equipped with laser jetpacks, and are tasked with hitting their enemies with their laser beam while evading their enemies’ laser beams.

Click here to download LaserJet, and here to play LaserJet online; for more details, check out the game’s Steam Page.