Bitlife Achilles Challenge Guide - How to Get Athlete's Foot, Join The Army, Military Deployments

Here is how to complete the latest BitLife challenge.

BitLife is one of the most popular life simulators out there. The game has witnessed exponential growth over the months, and the regular updates keep the game equally exciting for players out there.

If you have been playing BitLife for a while you might be well aware of the various challenges that take place in the game. Every week a new challenge is released in the game, and it lasts for a few days. Completing these challenges help players get some exciting rewards.

BitLife Achilles Challenge Guide – How to Get Athlete’s Foot, Join The Army, Military Deployments

The latest challenge is live on BitLife and players need to complete a number of tasks in order to complete it. Here are the challenges you need to complete to complete the challenge.

  • Be born a male in Greece
  • Join the army
  • Serve in 3+ military deployments
  • Have 100% happiness, health, smarts, and looks
  • Suffer from athlete’s foot.

The first one is quite simple. All you need is to make sure you select your character’s gender as male and choose the country as Greece when you start the game. Next up is joining the army. For that, you need to first go to a university and then complete a four-year degree. That is the bare minimum to join the army. Once you pass out, you can apply to join the army. When you are a part of the military, you have a random chance of getting deployed and you need to complete a mini-game when you are deployed.

Boosting your smarts, health and looks require you to study harder every year and regularly attend the gym. Visiting your family, going on a vacation or watching a movie can help you increase happiness. Last but not the least, you can suffer from an athlete’s foot by going to the gym.

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