BitLife Demon Slayer Challenge - How to master Judo Karate, become an exorcist, perform exorcisms in haunted house

Here is how to complete the BitLife Demon Slayer Challenge.

By Md Armughanuddin

September 18, 2021

BitLife’s latest challenge has been released, and players are quite eager to know more about it.

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This week’s challenge is known as the Demon Slayer Challenge and there are some interesting tasks players need to complete in order to finish the challenge. Here is all you need to know about it.

BitLife – Life Simulator

BitLife – Life Simulator

BitLife Demon Slayer Challenge – How to master Judo Karate, become an exorcist, perform exorcisms in haunted house

For the BitLife Demon Slayer Challenge, players need to complete the following tasks.

  • Be born in Japan
  • Have a little sister
  • Master Judo and Karate
  • Become an exorcist
  • Perform 12 exorcisms in your own haunted houses

The first one is quite simple. All players need to do is start a new character and ensure that they select the country as Japan. The second task is based completely on RNG, so you might need a few tries to be able to complete it. There is no way in which you can complete this task by doing something specific, as it depends on your parents if they plan to have a kid.

For the third step, players need to make their character learn Judo and Karate. You can learn these skills via the Mind & Soul section in the game. Do note that you can only learn one of these skills before you are eighteen, since your parents will be taking care of it. Once you are over the age of 18, you can learn the other skill which you haven’t mastered yet.

The next two tasks are actually quite tricky. The reason for that is that you can’t become an exorcist just like any other occupation in the game. The occupation shows up randomly in the listing, so you need to wait a while before you are able to get it.

Once you are an exorcist, the tough part is pretty much over. Your next headache should be buying a haunted house, and once you have that, you are all sorted. Haunted houses are repeatedly attacked by ghosts, so you will have plenty of opportunities to perform exorcism.

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