Bitlife Eat Pray Love Challenge Guide - How to Get Divorced, Become an Author

Here's the info on the latest Bitlife Challenge.

Bitlife continues to be one of the most beloved life-simulators available in the world of video games.

Players flock to it to live out their alternative fantasies, including globetrotting, committing crimes and much more.

Every week, the game releases a brand new challenge for players to complete, with a range of different objectives.

This week, the challenge is called Eat Pray Love – here are all the steps to complete and everything you need to do to conquer it.

What are the different steps in the Eat Pray Love Bitlife Challenge?

There are a grand total of six different steps that players need to overcome to complete the Bitlife Eat Pray Love challenge, they can be found below:

  • Be Born in the United States
  • Become a Famous Author
  • Get Divorced
  • Experience Mediterranean Food in Italy
  • Achieve inner peace in India
  • Find Love in Indonesia

How do I complete these challenges?

Now you know what the challenges are, here’s a step by step guide on how to complete each one of them:

  1. Be Born in the United States – This one is very easy. At the start of the game, simply select your character’s country as the United States.
  2. Become a Famous Author To complete this, players need to keep their Smart Level at 100% when graduating from university with an English degree. After this, players will need to get the author job under occupations and work hard for an extended period of time.
  3. Get Divorced – For this step, you first need to be married. Then, allow your relationship to break down with your husband/wife. Following this, select the “Relationships” option, then “Get a Divorce”.
  4. Experience Mediterranean Food in Italy – Players first of all need to travel to Italy. Once there, it’s a case of changing your characters diet through the activities page. It can be found under the Mind and Body section.
  5. Achieve inner peace in India – Here, players will need to travel to India. From there, players will need to once again head to the Mind and Body section and select Meditate.
  6. Find Love in Indonesia – Finally, players will need to make their way to Indonesia. You will then need to find love and begin a relationship with somebody in the country, before marrying them.
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