Bitlife Manic Mother Challenge Guide - How To Get Baby Daddy, Stepchildren

Mom's gone NUTS, Bitizens!

If you are already a Bitlife app user, you know that the game releases a new challenge every week and this week’s Manic Mother challenge is live.

Nowadays, simulator games are getting quite popular and Bitlife is definitely one of the most played simulator games on mobile platforms. One of the reasons behind it is the fresh new content that arrives each week in the form of challenges.

This week, players will be looking forward to completing the Bitlife Manic Mother challenge so let’s take a look at the details and how you can complete it.

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BitLife – Life Simulator

BitLife – Life Simulator

How To Complete Manic Mother Challenge In Bitlife

If you have taken Bitlife challenges before, you must be aware that the game fuses real-life dilemmas with a dash of craziness in it. The latest challenge is also somewhat like that as it puts players’ motherhood skills to test.

These are the steps you need to complete to win the Manic Mother Challenge:

  • Have 10+ baby daddies
  • Insult each of your children
  • Abandon each of your children
  • Marry a man with 2+ children
  • Insult each of your stepchildren

As the name suggests, you need to use a female character for this challenge.

The first task requires you to have 10 or more baby daddies. You can do so by going out on a date with male NPCs and bearing their children.

You can complete the second and third tasks after you give birth to your kids. In this step, you need to insult and abandon each of the children you have with your baby daddies. To abandon a child, simply click on their profile and select the option to abandon them.

Note: Make sure you insult the kids before abandoning them or the challenge won’t be completed. Also, you need to wait until they reach a certain age to insult them.

After completing the above, you need to marry a man with two or more children. The best way to do it is to check whether any of the men you are dating is already married and has children. You can do so by clicking on their profile. Now, this step might take some before you find the right person so be patient.

Lastly, to complete the Manic Mother Challenge, you need to insult the children of the man you get married to. To insult the stepchildren, you need to repeat the steps in challenge two.

Once you do all of it successfully and fulfill the crazy mom’s role, the Bitlife Manic Mother Challenge will be over and you’d receive an item too as a reward!

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