BitLife Pewdiepie Challenge Guide - How to Post Gaming Videos, go Viral and Get 10+ Million YouTube Subscribers

Here is how to complete the BitLife Pewdiepie challenge.

BitLife is one of those life simulators that has caught the attention of many players because of the diverse set of activities it offers to players. While the game was initially iOS-exclusive, it was later on added to the Play Store as well which increased its popularity considerably.

Every week, players get a chance to take part in various challenges to earn a variety of rewards. These challenges are quite exciting and involve completing a number of different activities.

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BitLife Pewdiepie Challenge Guide – How to post gaming videos, go viral and get 10+ million YouTube subscribers

The latest BitLife challenge is now live and it is known as the Pewdiepie Challenge. Here are the tasks players need to complete in the Pewdiepie challenge.

  • Be born a male in Sweden
  • Post only gaming videos on YouTube
  • Have at least one YouTube video go viral
  • Get 10+ million subscribers on Youtube

The first task is quite easy. All you need to do is start a new character and set its gender as male and country as Sweden. This should easily complete the first task.

For the next part, you need to head on to the Social Media section under the Activities tab. In the Social Media section, you will find the YouTube option alongside the various other social media platforms. To sign up for a Youtube account, you need to first share BitLife with a friend. Once you do that, your YouTube account will be opened.

Start posting gaming videos on YouTube consistently to gain subscribers. You can click on the Post option and select the category as gaming to post a gaming video. If you are unable to get a lot of subscribers, you might as well think of buying some for yourself. However, some players report that buying followers actually hurt your chances of getting popular. Make sure you are only posting gaming videos, as it’s mandatory for this challenge.

As far as getting viral is concerned, you need to be consistently posting videos for that. Getting viral is the key to reaching that 10 million mark, as you might not be able to get that without some viral videos. You can buy only 5,000 subscribers at a maximum, and it’d take a lot to reach 10 million that way. There is a bit of luck involved in all this, but if you are consistent, it shouldn’t be that hard to complete the challenge.

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