Bits and Pieces of Info Let Loose About Final Fantasy Versus XIII

Bits and Pieces of Info Let Loose About Final Fantasy Versus XIII


As tight-lipped as Square-Enix typically is about their upcoming titles, especially those with “Final Fantasy” in the name, little bits of info seem to slip out anyway. Whether this is on purpose or by accident, who knows. But, today we’ve learned a little more about the development process of Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Final Fantasy Agito XIII.

First off, on The 3rd Birthday Twitter feed, of all places, Tetsuya Nomura mentioned something of interest to those who may dislike the “no world map” aspects of the last few Final Fantasy titles. He mentioned that the world map isn’t completely open, but “it has the feeling of a 2D FF in HD”. Traversing the world map apparently looks just as awesome as the few screenshots we’ve seen so far from the title.

Also of interest is the fact that they’ve started hiring voice actors for both Final Fantasy titles, however Versus XIII looks like the last on that list. Nomura noted that the voice work for The 3rd Birthday and, surprisingly, Agito XIII, would be done before Versus XIII.

Perhaps they aren’t as far as long in Versus XIII development as we thought? Needless to say, I probably won’t see the game until I have grandchildren.