Self-Proclaimed Shitposter Mangaka Bkub Draws Totoro On WasyaganaTV With Yuichi Nakamura, Mafia Kajita

Bkub, of Pop Team Epic fame, drew a special artwork of Studio Ghibli's My Neighbor Totoro for the movie's watch along on Twitter.

WasyaganaTV held on August 14 a special live stream: a watch along of Studio Ghibli’s My Neighbor Totoro, with Mafia Kajita, Yuichi Nakamura, and Bkub, all chatting about the movie. This happened as Japanese TV channel Nippon TV is currently having a “Summer of Ghibli” event, airing a Ghibli movie a week. Many Japanese Twitter users simultaneously watched Totoro together this week, making the movie trend. And making it the perfect watch along opportunity for YouTubers such as WasyaganaTV.

As the stream was ongoing, Bkub drew some pretty nice Totoro artwork. The stream ended now, though we included the VOD further below.

Bkub is known for the Yonkoma manga Pop Team Epic. I’m sure you’ve already seen the page above. That’s from Pop Team Epic. Nowadays on his Twitter account, he publishes daily drawings, either using original or existing IPs. They’re always fun to watch. Pop Team Epic is peculiar in how it’s voluntarily “crappy” with its humor and everything it does. Bkub often uses his drawings and manga to promote other anime and games he’s into, such as the Pretty Series franchise.

Bkub calls himself a shitposter mangaka, or a “Japanese kuso manga boy” to quote his Twitter bio. He often appears voice only, or drawings only, on WasyaganaTV.

WasyaganaTV My Neighbor Totoro Live Watch Special Featuring Bkub

WasyaganaTV is a YouTube channel which opened back in April 2020, and is made in collaboration with Japanese gaming site 4Gamer. It features Yuichi Nakamura and Mafia Kajita playing games, chatting about anime, manga, figures, and just hanging out together.

Overall, it’s like an enhanced version of Star Radiocean Anamnesis, the ongoing radio show for the Star Ocean mobile gacha game. It’s hosted by the same duo, and they barely talk about Star Ocean on it, instead chatting about driving, games and anime they experienced, and their respective jobs.

If you’re an anime otaku, you should have already noticed the fact that many popular seiyuu decided to open semi-personal semi-official YouTube channels during the Covid-19 pandemic. To help their fans, giving them hopes and fun times. Tomokazu Sugita (Yusuke in Persona 5) regularly talks about his figures or anime and manga memories on AGRS. Asami Sanada of Di Gi Chara, Date A Live fame does muscle training videos, . Tomokazu Seki opened one as well, and so on. WasyaganaTV is a similar project for Yuichi Nakamura, though it’s highly likely 4Gamer and Mafia Kajita have been working on it since long before the pandemic began.

Mafia Kajita is a game journalist working at 4Gamer. He regularly appears in official streams for Japanese games, most notably Atlus games. I’ve been writing on DualShockers for nearly two years now, and I regularly watch these kind of streams, covering as many details as I can, instead of simply translating summaries from Japanese sites. You’ve definitely already seen Mafia Kajita’s sunglasses covered face if you’ve been reading my coverage of Japanese games.

Mafia Kajita forms a trio of friends with Sugita Tomokazu and Yuichi Nakamura, doing multiple radio shows and stream together. All three of them have many other friends in common, such as Corpse Party and Death End re;Quest scenarist Makoto Kedouin. They chatted about him at some point on this Bkub x My Neighbor Totoro stream as well.

Lastly, Yuichi Nakamura is a highly popular seiyuu I don’t really need to introduce if you’ve read this article this far in the first place.

Have you been watching WasyaganaTV? What do you think of Pop Team Epic? Are you a Ghibli fan? Tell us in the comments.

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