Black Clover 171 Canceled? Movie Special Announcement, Release Date, Shonen Anime Fans Drama Explained

The TV anime series adaptation of Black Clover has ended in Japan with its episode 170 on March 30, after several years, and with no episode 171 in sight – what happened, did it get canceled, why was there a special announcement for a movie, and when’s the release date? Last but not least, what’s the drama behind the war against Black Clover, MHA, and other popular Shonen anime? We’re here to explain everything.

Was Black Clover canceled, is it ending?

Black Clover, the anime, ended on march 30 with episode 170, and no announcement of episode 171, this was a calculated choice, decided months in advance, by Studio Pierrot, Shueisha, and all companies part of the anime production committee of Black Clover, the anime was not canceled.

I’s possible the anime was supposed to go past 170 episodes and was “canceled” internally several months ago, but we’ll never know.

However, while the TV anime series ended, the Black Clover anime itself is continuing with a movie, and the Black Clover original manga by Yūki Tabata is still ongoing and has no reason to stop now.

What’s the Black Clover special announcement and movie?

Soon after Black Clover episode 170 aired in Japan, the Japanese official Twitter account for the series announced a movie is in the works.

The Black Clover movie special announcement was paired with a new beautiful illustration of Asta, drawn by the anime’s character designer, Itsuko Takeda.

So when’s the Black Clover movie release date?

Well, I can read Japanese in case you’ve forgotten, and the tweet says “Additional details will be published in a later date. Look forward to it!”.

For now, we can only wait for more announcements.

What’s the drama with My Hero Academia and other Shonen anime fans?

Well, Black Clover pretty much has been the laughing stock of some anime fans for several years now. Several Shonen anime fans, such as a portion of the MHA fanbase – be sure to keep in mind it’s only part of the fanbase – often ridiculed the Black Clover anime for its low animation quality. The Black Clover anime ending, and the movie special announcement, triggered such remarks again on social media.

Black Clover, animated by Studio Pierrot, often had very poorly animated scenes, though still retained some cool sakuga for some fights. There’s a reason for that:

Black Clover has been airing every week, with nearly no breaks, from October 2017 to March 30, 2021. The anime followed the classic pattern of long running Shonen anime. These ultimately end up having episodes with much better animation than others. Depending on which animators worked on it.

Meanwhile, certain popular series, such as My Hero Academia, or Attack on Titan, are using what we call the split cour system. After airing one cour, generally made of 10 to 13 episodes, the series take a break for one or multiple anime season, and come back later.

This system allows studios to provide very high quality animation for long running Shonen series. It’s another story whether the working conditions of animators have actually improved with it. Seeing wages are still lower than ever. But at the end of the day, This is why MHA was always better animated than Black Clover.

What did you think of the Black Clover anime? Did you watch all 170 episodes? You can always hit me up on Twitter to chat about it.

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