Black Clover Chapter 303 Spoilers: Aicer Shows a Flashback in Good News

What are the spoilers for Black Clover Chapter 303?

By Iram Sharifah Khan

August 19, 2021

The last chapter titled ‘Convergence of Hope’ showed Nozel fly in at the last minute to save his sister as blood spikes are thrown at her. As he swoops in he is enraged at Megicula and is ready for an epic fight. What’s in store for the next chapter?

Black Clovers was first introduced in February 2015 and is written by Yuki Tabata. The series follows orphans Asta and Yuno who are like brothers. Both have a desire to become the Wizard King but embark on separate journeys to get there first, no matter the cost.

The highly popular adventure and fantasy manga sits at 7.79/10 on My Anime List and is followed by thousands of fans across the world who have all been patiently awaiting the release of chapter 303 after it was delayed. Please note: This article contains spoilers!

Chapter 303: Release date and how to read

Black Clover Chapter 303 is scheduled to be released on Sunday, 22nd August 2021. The release date has been confirmed on Viz.

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To read the Black Clover manga, fans will need to subscribe to Shonen Jump! which can be found on Viz. Prices start at $1.99USD/£1.44GBP a month.

The first and last three chapters are available to read on Viz for free. Fans can also try a one-week free trial* before purchasing a subscription with them.

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Black Clover Chapter 303: Spoilers revealed

Please note: This article contains spoilers!

Like the last chapter, we expect Chapter 303 to be a continuation of the ‘Space Kingdom Raid Arc’. This chapter will be titled ‘Good News’ and will start with a flashback from Aicer’s past.

The opening will show Aicer on her deathbed as the curse spreads, though it takes her one year to die. Over time she gets weaker as she’s dying but people think she is feeble due to childbirth.

Nozel has been hiding the fact that while he was in his mother’s stomach, Magicula’s curse affected him but had he told another being he would have died with his mother. He also believes the curse would have affected Noelle and wants her to stay out of the battle with Megicula as he thinks she is not strong enough to handle it.

He then admits to Noelle that he should have focused on becoming stronger together instead of being stronger for revenge. Aicer is then seen hugging both of her children in the final panel. The battle is about to begin…

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