Black Clover Chapter 306 Spoilers Center Around Zenon

Chapter 306 is titled: 'Boundary/Border'.

By Jo Craig

September 15, 2021

**Warning – Spoilers Ahead for Black Clover Chapter 305 & 306**

After a sudden break from Shonen Jump, Black Clover is now returning for chapter 306 a little earlier than usual and we have everything to prepare you for the next installment.

Chapter 305 saw Yuno and Langris’ battle with Zenon, and Langris had to stall for Yuno until he had enough magic energy, thus treating Langris like a second in command. The chapter concluded on a cliffhanger as Yuno was ready to unleash the Spirit of the Euros on Zenon.

Predictions for chapter 306 basically assumed the end of Zenon Zogratis, after he gets hit with Yuno’s attack. Zenon could also have a counterattack waiting in the wings, or he may possibly extract the devil’s power. Either way, we now have a summary of chapter 306 for you to read at your leisure.

Black Clover – Official Manga Trailer

Black Clover – Official Manga Trailer

Black Clover Chapter 306 Spoilers

Chapter 306 picks up where the last chapter ended with Yuno aiming at Zenon with his charged bow.

The chapter then cuts to an unexpected origin story for Zenon. It is revealed that Zenon was bullied by the son of the magic defense because his bone magic appeared creepy.

A boy called Allen is then introduced, who stops Zenon from being bullied and the pair form a bond similar to Asta and Yuno. Zenon also shows interest in becoming a magic defense captain.

We find out that Zenon and Allen both enrolled in magic defense when they had both reached peak strength. They were then tasked with investigating a dungeon, but unbeknown to them, there was a devil inside.

Zenon ends up impaling both Allen and the devil, and Allen consequently dies after the battle. Zenon shows emotion after Allen’s death during an inner monologue. Zenon then decides to go down a devilish path.

The chapter ends with Zenon making a deal to become the host of the High Ranking Devil, Beelzebub.

Elsewhere, Spade Kingdom is under the threat of a Diamond Kingdom invasion.

We also get to see a younger Dante and Vanica, with the reveal of an older sister who is wheelchair-bound.

Black Clover Chapter 306 will release on September 17, 2021.

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