Black Clover: Quartet Knights for PS4 and PC Reveals Siscon Magician Gauche in a New Trailer

Bandai Namco's Black Clover: Quartet Knight for PS4 and PC gets another character trailer, detailing little sister lover Gauche.

on September 12, 2018 4:54 AM

Today, Bandai Namco Entertainment released a new character trailer for its upcoming anime game, Black Clover: Quartet Knights, revealing mirror magic user Gauche.

Gauche is a Shooter-type character. Using his beam-shooting mirrors, he can snipe careless enemies and has a special attack to hit multiples foes at once from safe places. He also possesses a short-range teleport ability. This allows him to easily reach sniping points in high ground. In order to avoid getting into close-range battles, Gauche can also create walls to block his adversaries’ path and create clones of other characters using his mirrors.

Previous character trailers include commander Yami, fire magic user Magna and the fighter type Vetto. You can also check the trailer focused on the game’s story.

Black Clover: Quartet Knights launches on September 13th 2018 for PS4 in Japan. It will release one day later in North America and Europe, on September 14th 2018.

You can watch the new trailer below.

Iyane Agossah is a writer at DualShockers living near Paris. He loves everything related to Japan, especially giant robots. He hopes for Sega to release a new Segagaga game by 2025.