Black Desert Franchise Has Made Over $1 Billion Lifetime

Black Desert Franchise Has Made Over $1 Billion Lifetime

Pearl Abyss has announced a major new sales milestone for the MMO Black Desert.

A little over four years after releasing, Pearl Abyss has today announced a remarkable new milestone for the MMORPG franchise Black Desert.

In total, gross sales for Black Desert have now surpassed $1 billion lifetime. This is a remarkable feat Pearl Abyss and Black Desert as a whole. In addition, it was also divulged that the title is now available in over 150 countries and boasts 18 million registered users.

“We’re proud of what this achievement represents – the hard work and dedication from our teams over the past four years and the support from a community of fans around the world,” Pearl Abyss CEO Robin Jung said of the milestone today. “With over 30% of gross sales for Black Desert stemming from mobile platforms, which saw an initial release in Asia in the past year, we’re confident that sales are accelerating. Pearl Abyss is optimistic for the future of Black Desert, and we look forward to launching Black Desert Mobile globally by the end of the year.”

As Jung stated at the end of his message, Black Desert is now slated to come westward on mobile devices by year’s end. Most recently, Black Desert finally released on Xbox One earlier this year in March. As the game continues to come to more and more platforms, the overall sales for the title will only continue to increase.

Currently, Black Desert is available for play on both Xbox One and PC for those here in the west. When we hear more about the game’s potential arrival on mobile devices, we’ll let you know.