Black Desert Online - BDO April 7 Update Patch Notes

What's new in the April 7 patch notes?

BDO is one of the dominating forces in the MMO sphere. Today, April 7, there is a big rebalancing patch coming to the game.

It’s challenging to create an MMO with a solid returning player base as many developers have found over the years.

Black Desert Online developers Pearl Abyss seem to have cracked the formula by providing constant updates and rebalances to the game.

Here’s everything you need to know about the BDO April 7 patch notes.

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BDO April 7 Patch Notes

You can find the full list of BDO patch notes for the April 7 update right here. Below are the notes regarding items, contents, monsters, NPCs, and UI. Consult the full list for all the character-specific rebalances that were made to the game.


● Added the explanation ‘Equipping the Snowflake Suit or Snowflake Dress will make your Main Weapon and Awakening Weapon invisible in standby’ in the item descriptions of Snowflake Suits, Snowflake Dresses, and Snowflake Outfit Set boxes for certain classes.
● Revised the item descriptions of [Sage] Royal Enforcer Outfit Set B and [Sage] Royal Enforcer Helmet B.


● The extra Combat/Skill EXP and Contribution event applied to regular servers in celebration of the New Olvia server from Mar 24 –Apr 7 is now over.
* An Increased Life EXP +100% buff until you reach Artisan 1 will be active in the normal servers for two weeks between Apr. 7 (after maintenance) – Apr. 21 (before maintenance) in celebration of the New Olvia server.


● The Vessel of Inquisition, emanating the scent of death, has been discovered in a part of Star’s End where adventurers rarely set foot. The rotting stench of Blackstar from the Vessel of Inquisition envelopes all of Star’s End, making Kzarka’s apostles willingly sacrifice themselves as offerings.
– Changed the locations of some Star’s End monsters.
– Placed a total of three Vessels of Inquisition around the edges of Star’s End.
– Strike the Vessel of Inquisition to call forth Kzarka’s apostles, who covet the energy contained within it.
– The apostles will attack the Vessel of Inquisition to obtain the energy spilling out from the fragment of the Blackstar. They will disperse once the Vessel of Inquisition is destroyed.
– The apostles coveting the power within the Vessel of Inquisition are stronger than previous Star’s End monsters.
– The Vessel of Inquisition will shatter if too many apostles coveting its power gather.

Background, NPC, Effects, Cutscene

● Added camera effects when talking to Miles, the Stable Keeper at the Old Moon Grand Prix.
● Removed the cherry blossoms that were added to welcome spring as the event period ended.


● Adjusted the new gamepad mode so that you can view the Warehouse from your Storage.

● Revised the end date text in the Guild Equipment Rental Storage as the Guild Equipment Rental Event was extended by two weeks.
● Changed the names of the Grána servers to Kamasylvia.
● Added the navigation function to the Fishing UI where you can click the Black Spirit icon to display the route to the fishing event location.

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