Black Desert Online’s New Dark Knight Class Looks Gorgeous in Character Customization Trailer and More

Black Desert Online’s New Dark Knight Class Looks Gorgeous in Character Customization Trailer and More

With the imminent release of the new Dark Knight class on the Korean servers of Black Desert Online, Pearl Abyss is keeping up the steady trickle of new assets.

Today they released a trailer showcasing the new class in one of the strongest features of the game, the character creation, alongside a few screenshots, which you can see at the bottom of the post.

On top of that, the character creation for the Dark Knight is actually already available to Korean players due to a pre-launch event, so you can also check out a whopping two hours of character creation footage, courtesy of YouTube user 이용랭. Talk about dedication!

At 01:53:00 you can also get a first glimpse on some of the class’ armor sets.

Incidentally, we learn that dark knights, belonging to the Vedir tribe of elves, are outcasts who left their homeland of Kamasilve (which will be added to the Korean servers as an expansion coming in early 2017) in order to avoid an inevitable conflict, because their powers, based on the destruction of nature and not on creation, could not be reconciled with those of the rest of their race, including the rangers that are alreat playable in the game.

Incidentally, you can also listen to the Dark Knight’s theme music here.

You can enjoy all the new assets below, and if you want to read more about the class and the expansion, you can also check out our full Gamescom interview with Pearl Abyss. You can also see another teaser video and more screenshots here.

Keep in mind that the class won’t hit the western servers in the near future, as there usually are 3-4 months between Korean releases and western ones, due to the fact that the content needs to be localized. While Kakao Games hasn’t announced anything officially (at least not yet), we’re probably getting the new class it in the Spring.

In the meanwhile, just yesterday, the North American and European servers got a relevant update including the Ninja and Kunoichi awakening weapons.