Black Desert Online’s New Dark Knight Class Looks Sexy in New Video and Screenshots

Black Desert Online’s New Dark Knight Class Looks Sexy in New Video and Screenshots

Following the teaser released last week, Black Desert Online‘s Korean developer Pearl Abyss released a second teaser video and a batch of new screenshots of the upcoming Dark Knight class.

This time around, we get to see a good look at the rather sexy character model, which was originally defined “Dark Elf,” before the reveal of the new “Dark Knight” name last week. The screenshots also include a couple of interesting hairstyle variations.

The class will be launched on the Korean servers on December 15th, as a prelude to the new Kamasilve expansion, the first part of which will be released in Korea in early 2017, further expanding the game’s already massive world to the south-west, with the land of the elves and a storyline focused on the conflict between two tribes, the Ganel (to which the current Ranger class belongs), and the Vedir (which includes the Dark Knighta).

Among the questions answered in an interview at Gamescom, the game’s developers told DualShockers that the Dark Knight will be only female for the moment, but a male version might be considered for the future.

You can enjoy the new assets below, and if you want to read more about the class and the expansion, you can also read our full Gamescom interview with Pearl Abyss.

Keep in mind that the class won’t immediately hit the western servers, as there normally are 3-4 months between Korean releases and western ones, due to localization times. While Kakao games hasn’t announced anything official just yet, we’re probably getting it in the Spring.

In the meanwhile, just today the North American and European servers got a relevant update including the Ninja and Kunoichi awakening weapons.