Black Desert Online Developer Teases Three New MMOs: Crimson Desert, DokeV and Plan 8

Pearl Abyss, the developer and publisher of Black Desert Online, has unveiled Crimson Desert, DokeV, and Plan 8.

Korean developer and publisher Pearl Abyss have made a name for itself over the past decade with various versions of the MMO Black Desert Online, but not much else. That’s about to change though, as Pearl Abyss revealed that it has several multiplayer games in development, just as Riot Games did last month. While the publisher will go into these games more at G-Star 2019’s Pearl Abyss Connect next week, the first details for MMOs Crimson Desert, DokeV and Plan 8 have been shared.

While all three titles are called MMOs by Pearl Abyss, they go about the genre in different ways, with Crimson Desert maybe being the most familiar experience for Black Desert Online players. Pearly Abyss says Crimson Desert is an “open-world MMORPG set in an epic-fantasy world” that follows players as they try to survive during a war between three tribes on the fictional continent of Pywell. The game is being worked on by some notable RYL Online alumni, including that title’s Game Design Director Jason Jung and Lead Combat Designer Eter Lee.

Next up is DokeV, which Pearly Abyss calls “a collectible MMORPG for all ages.” Though that genre description is pretty vague, a spokesman for the company related the mechanics of DokeV to those of Pokemon when asked for clarification by DualShockers. Notable developers working on this project include Black Desert Online’s Animation Director Sang-young Kim and Game Designer Director Suh Won Choi.

Finally, Plan 8 is the most radical departure for Pearl Abyss because it is an MMO shooter. While this is quite different from anything the Korean company has done before, it seems to be in good hands as Counter-Strike co-creator Minh Le is Technical Advisor on the project. Black Desert Online’s Environmental Art Director Seung-ki Lee is also attached to this game, and it has been confirmed that Plan 8 will be receiving a trailer at the aforementioned Pearl Abyss Connect next week.

Even though I’m sure Black Desert Online fans are satisfied with the updates for that game that are consistently released by Pearl Abyss, it is cool to see the developer and publisher branch out with some interesting new IP. While not a lot is known about Crimson Desert, DokeV, and Plan 8 at this time, DualShockers will keep you in the loop as Pearl Abyss shares more about these games.

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