Black Desert Online Gets Major Update, New Areas, Pirate Themed Events And More

Black Desert Online Gets Major Update, New Areas, Pirate Themed Events And More

Today Daum Games Europe implemented a brand new update on Black Desert Online, bringing quite a lot of new stuff like new areas, fixes, balancing and more. On top of that, they also launched three new events, two themed on pirates and one on Mother’s Day.

Incidentally, if you want to try out the game for free, we’re still giving away seven day passes on Twitter.

But let’s go with order, starting with the patch notes:

Event & System:

  • Events

    • The Yo Ho Ho & a Bottle of Rum event has been enabled.

    • The Mother’s Day event has been enabled.

  • System Changes

    • The following NA Channels will be removed until the 18th of May.  This is done to improve server stability until we can send a Tech Team to the NA Data Center.

      • Valencia 1

      • Valencia 2

      • Valencia 3

  •  Players can use command for inviting party member has been added.

    • EN: / invite [character name]

    • FR: / inviter [character name]

    • GE:/ einladung [character name]

Class Changes: 

Witch & Wizard

  • Fixed the issue where sprint could be continuously used by clicking the LMB while sprinting unarmed.

  • Fixed the issue where Residual Lightning and Chain Lightning effected the camera.


  • Fixed the issue where certain chat motions were not showing when walking.

  • Fixed the issue where the Chase skill combo was being cast too fast.

  • PVP balance against other classes has been adjusted.


  • PVP balance against other classes has been adjusted.

Item Changes:

  • Boss Armor has been added, you have a slim chance of this  dropping by defeating the bosses each item is named after.

    • Red Nose’s Armor

    • Giath’s Helmet

    • Bheg’s Gloves

    • Muskan’s Shoes

  • New Contribution items have been added.

    • Some of the “Massacre” weapon series from Calpheons’ Contribution Rental items have been removed and combined with the “Ronatz Massacre” weapon series.

    • Kaia Series items have been added.
      • There are main weapon and armors for Kaia series, each item requires 50 contribution points for rental.
      • Kaia weapons can be rented via Kanobas in Calpheon and armors can be rented via Dobart.
  • The following titles have been added.  You can unlock each of the by earning points in the Red Battlefield.

    • Decurion

    • Centurion

    • Legion Legate

    • Black Star

    • Hero

  • Junk items obtained from killing monsters have had their sell and exchange values increased.

Cash Shop Update:

Mechanic Changes:

  • New Areas have been unlocked;

    • Tungrad Forest

    • Hasrah Dungeon

    • Kuit Islands

  • The amount of Training EXP gained from taming a horse has been increased.

  • 2 type of Tier 3 horses have been added to the wild spawns.

  • Farming has been added to the achievement system.

  • Rewards from Red Battle Field has been changed.

    • Win: Red Seal 6ea -> 5ea.

    • Lose: Seal 2ea -> 1 ea

  • Number of Red Seals required for exchange has been changed from 150 ea to 80 ea.

Monster Changes:

  • Adjusted the number of Sheep, Mountain Goats, Foxes, Wolves and Weasels in Western Balenos, Eastern Balenos, Serendia, Trina Fort, and Epheria Valley.

  • Guild Bosses Balance and Drop Rate has been increased based on guild size.

  • Field Boss Dastard Bheg will have a preparation animation before his omnidirectional swing attack.

  • Balance for the some monsters has been adjusted.

  • Droprate for the some monsters has been adjusted.
  • Silver can no longer be obtained from some monsters.

Quest Changes:

  • Crafting Materials required for the “Making a Fishing Rod” quest have been updated.

  • New Quest “From Small HP Potion to Medium HP Potion” has been added.

  • New Quest “First Time for Taming a Horse” has been added to the NPC Vanacil in Heidel.

  • The quest rewards from the Seal of Promise and Toke of Promise quests has been increased from 1 to 2.

Interface Changes:

  • When there is more than one navigation path available the active path will blink.

  • The cut scene camera for Alejandro Farm Torres has been fixed.

  • Rosar Shield Graphic and icon has been fixed

  • Trees that are far away can be seen clearly now.
  • Description for worker list has been modified

Resolved Issues:

  • Fixed the issue where windows would not closed if you pressed ESC after taking damage from monsters while the End Game Pop-Up window was active.

  • Fixed the issue where a player’s combat exp buff was applied to horses.

  • Fixed the issue where the Black Spirit would sometimes give wrong directions when clicking on a quest.

  • Fixed issue where some of objects were not showing up on the pirate islands.

  • Fixed cash shop issue where class category didn’t match with displayed class.

On top of the changes, we also get three different events:

1. Yo Hoho & a Bottle of Rum

  • Start: May 4th 10:00 UTC (After maintenance)
  • End: May 25th 10:00 UTC (With maintenance)

A famous pirate once asked “Why is the rum gone?”  and In this event you will have a chance to collect Rum by hunting monsters around the world.  You can choose to drink the rum for a buff, AP +3 & +20LT for 2 hours, or collect it and turn them in to the node manager Shilly in Kuit Islands for rewards.

Event Rewards

  • 100 Rum: Pirate Flag House Decoration
  • 200 Rum: Pirate Eye Patch
  • 300 Rum: Pirate Hat

2. Pirate Fanart

  • Start: May 4th 10:00 UTC (After maintenance)
  • End: May 25th 10:00 UTC (With maintenance)

For our second event we want to see your artistic side, draw a picture of anything pirate related, it doesn’t matter if it is pen & paper or digital, then share it on the forums >Here<.  Once the entry period is over we will move the entries to a new thread where people can vote for their favorites.  From the top 20% of the entries we will do an internal vote to determine the winners.


  • 1st Place – 5,000 Pearls
  • 2nd ~ 5th Place – 2,500 Pearls
  • 6th ~ 10th Place – 1,000 Pearls
  • All participants will receive a 7 Day Lahr Arcien Costume

3. Mother’s Day

  • Start: May 4th 10:00 UTC (After maintenance)
  • End: May 25th 10:00 UTC (With maintenance)

Our third and final event is a celebration of Mother’s Day.  This event will add a series of quests as well as daily quest for rewards.  To start these quests you must be level 30, have completed “Watch out, Santo Manzi” and “Claire’s Son” quests, and then talk to Santo Manzi in Velia, once complete you will earn a new title as well as special chocolates that provide buffs.


  • Title – Motherlover

Daily Quest Reward (You may pick one)

  • Heart Chocolate
    • Attack Speed +1, Cast Speed +1, Critical Rate +1, Luck +1, Movement Speed +1, Energy Recovery +1 for 1 hour
  • Love Chocolate
    • Fishing +1, Gathering +1, Cooking Time Reduction 5%, Alchemy Time Reduction 5%, Energy Recover +1 for 1 hour

Last, but not least, a trailer was released showcasing the new areas.