Black Desert Online Getting Giant Ocean, Warships and More Next Week In Korea

Black Desert Online Getting Giant Ocean, Warships and More Next Week In Korea

Black Desert Online developer Pearl Abyss announced that next week, on July 21st, the original Korean servers of the game will receive a large scale update, giving us a chance to catch a glimpse on what will appear in North America and Europe as well down the line.

The update celebrates the first anniversary of the game in its home country, and brings a large expanse of ocean territory plus a bit of land of another continent with combined size equivalent to that of the current game.

Included in the update there will be large sea monsters, fishing content and underwater content, while the continent beyond the ocean will serve as a trade post for the game’s trading feature, enabling players to engage in long-distance commerce beyond the sea. At the moment we don’t know what kind of distance bonus it’ll get, but it’s bound to be very profitable for those who will brave the waves.

New ships with their own customization items will also come, including a warship that you can see in the gallery below, alongside the trading post and an underwater scene.

Interestingly, in preparation of the update Pearl Abyss already implemented on the Korean servers new and more fluid swimming mechanics (which was direly needed), and a fully new underwater rendering system. You can see it in action below, courtesy of YouTube user FluffyQuack.

At the moment we don’t know when this content will be implemented in North America and Europe, that recently received the Valencia Part 1 update and will get the Ninja and Kunoichi classes next week. Other large-scale update before the ocean one still missing on the western servers are Valencia Part 2 and 3, while Kakao Games Europe is working on catching up, so it’ll probably be a few months before we get this one.

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