Black Desert Online Getting New “Striker” Class, Flying Airships and More; Second New Class Teased

Black Desert Online Getting New “Striker” Class, Flying Airships and More; Second New Class Teased

Black Desert Online is getting two new classes and plenty of new features, including flying airships.

During a livestreamed presentation, Black Desert Online developer Pearl Abyss Introduced some really interesting new content and improvements for the game.

First of all, a new class has been announced, the “Striker,” which is basically a monk-like class using extensive martial arts skills. It will be released soon in on the Korean servers, but there is no release window yet for the western servers.

The striker will be a bit more challenging to control than other classes due to his “stylish” battle style.


Below you can see a concept of the Striker’s awakening. It’s not final, so changes might be made before implementation.


Pearl Abyss isn’t stopping with the Striker, and is “planning for more classes.” As a matter of fact, second new class was also teased. It doesn’t have a name yet, and development on it hasn’t started yet. It’s just a concept for now.


Another lovely new toy players will get is a flying airship, which perfectly complement the game’s vast open world, and that will finally let us soar into the skies. The airship will be pretty slow, but it will allow players to enjoy the landscape. It will be possible to use the airship to cross the desert and reach Valencia, albeit slowly.

Back to ground level, and actually coming earlier, is a new sea boss battle against a leviathan-sized monster named Vell. It’s as big as the city of Heidel, and cannons and delicate control of your ships are required to bring him down. On top of that a new personal ship designed for combat and equipped with four cannons will be implemented.

A new battlefield named Barbarian Crevasse will be implemented. It’s an arena similar to the Red Battlefield that can be accessed from anywhere, but it won’t be PvP. On the other hand, it will be a PvE battle against a horde of enemies.

By defeating monsters, players will be able to gather resources to build siege weapons, and players with the best performance will be rewarded. Good teamwork and strategy will be critical.

A new version of Black Spirit Adventure will be added, including a new board and new challenges. Rewards will include treasure maps that will lead to actual treasure in the game’s world.

Part II of the Kamasylvia expansion will be introduced in Korea this Summer, including the capital of the region (named Grana) and three different areas, one focused between levels 53 and 55, one between 55 and 57, and one over 60. Initially, Pearl Abyss planned to release Kamasylvia in three parts, but that plan has since changed.

Players will get a new Tier 9 unicorn mount named “Dineh.”  Its horn harnesses healing powers and the mount is capable of performing a powerful charge move in battle.

The ability to climb will be added, letting players add a new dimension to traversal by climbing castle walls, mountains and cliffs. It’s still being developed and balanced, so for now Pearl Abyss is just introducing the concept, with further details to come at a later time.

A Militia System will be introduced to encourage participation in node wars. It’s basically a mercenary system that will allow players to pick sides in a node battle for a time up to two hours. Pearl Abyss is also considering ways to enable people that aren’t top level with the best weapons to participate in node wars. One possibility is letting them man siege engines, or mobile shields to protect their comrades.

The team is planning to add an advanced guild system. The idea is to improve the UI, add new guild skills, and provide better community tools for guilds.

Balancing classes based on game metrics is also a focus, and the folks at Pearl Abyss are aware that balance isn’t perfect at the moment, with some classes that are quite a bit stronger than others. The plan is to make gradual corrections instead of drastic changes, and to improve weaker classes instead of nerfing stronger classes, which is why balancing takes time.

During this year, the game will receive enhanced graphics and audio. That said, developers are looking into ways to not have the new visual effects impact on frame rates, and will provide a setting to have the remastered graphics on and off.

The improvement to audio will include both sound effects and voices.

The “Altinova Merchant System” will bring a trading simulation minigame accessed from the world map. It will involve the use of workers instead of having players directly haul cargo across the world. Special events can happen at various trade nodes depending on the route you select.

A new second awakening skill system is in development for battle. It will work by combining previously learned unawakened skills. The intention is to restore the importance of unawakened skills. New life content is also under consideration, including art skills like pottery.

Below you can see videos showing the remastered graphics, the Striker class, the new unicorn mount and the ocean boss. The slides showing new screenshots and features are also included in the gallery.

Update: if you want to see a direct feed version of all the screenshots and videos, you can find them here.

Black Desert Online is currently available for PC worldwide, with versions for PS4 and Xbox One already teased by Pearl Abyss, and coming down the line (no release window or details have been announced for the moment).