Black Desert Online Getting Two New Classes on April 20th: Musa and Maehwa

Black Desert Online Getting Two New Classes on April 20th: Musa and Maehwa

Daum Games Europe announced today with a press release that on April 20th two new classes will be implemented in the North American and European version of Black Desert Online.

The new classes, that have been out in Korea for a while, are the Musa and the Maehwa, that have been known among players as Blader and Plum, and are inspired to medieval Korean warriors.

While the two classes are quite similar, and some refer to them as the male and female variation of the same class, they come with a few different abilities and specialization.

“The Musa is a melee class that relies on high speed and fast reactions to stay ahead of the enemy. With incredible mobility and a specialty for AoE-focused attacks, the Musa excels in small-scale PvP. The Musa is at his best when dashing across the battlefield to dispatch enemies with powerful AoE attacks, but each uncalculated move can be deadly due to his lower defense.”

“The Maehwa is the female counterpart to the Musa class and boasts similar stats. Like the Musa, the Maehwa fights with a Blade and Short Bow while quickly moving about the battlefield to avoid enemy attacks. While both classes are melee oriented, the Short Bow affords the Musa and Maehwa a selection of ranged attacks used to knock down targets and provide an opening to deliver close quarters attacks. Unlike the Musa, the Maehwa specializes in one-on-one combat with the impressive ability to lock down single targets for an extended amount of time.”

Below you can see some gameplay for both classes.

It’s certainly nice to see the stream of new content and features coming this quickly. If you’re not familiar with Black Desert Online, you can read my review. Spoiler warning: I like it. A lot.