Black Desert Online Teases New Content and Features; New Maintenance Cycle Announced

Black Desert Online Teases New Content and Features; New Maintenance Cycle Announced

Kakao Games teases upcoming content for its MMORPG Black Desert Online, while the maintenance cycle will shift to bi-weekly.

Today Kakao Games reached out with a press release bringing news for its MMORPG Black Desert Online.

First of all, the announcement included a message from Executive Producer Jae-Hee Kim, expressing gratitude towards the community for the success of the game.

 “We realize well that such progress would not have been made if it weren’t for your so much love and interest. A ‘Thank you’ alone will not express our appreciation towards you all.”

We indeed get something more tangible than a “thank you,” with quite a few teases of upcoming content for the game, starting with the mystic’s awakening, which will have a different concept than the striker’s.

Rabam’s Enlightenment – Skill Enhancement is a new system that will serve as a second awakening for all classes, with the ability of combining two non-awakened skills into a new and powerful one.

Training of the Black Spirit will bring more content that you can enjoy while not at your PC… well, I guess if you’re not there, you’re not “enjoying” it, but you get what I mean. It’s already available in certain occasions in Korea, but it’ll become a standard feature. You can find a skill instructor, purchase a coupon and start bashing on the mannequins, gaining experience. While it’s not as efficient as actual grinding, it still helps.

The Siege Axe is a new siege weapon that can damage the wooden fence protecting enemy command posts. Since its damage is not determined by the player’s own specs, even players that aren’t fully geared up will be able to use it to enjoy siege warfare and be useful.

A new series of items that don’t require enchantment, and are equivalent to PRI-DUO levels will also be introduced in Mediah, helping out players that are fed-up with the enchantment system.

The city-sized sea leviathan Vell will bring a giant boss battle to the ocean, requiring players to attack him using warships and cannons. The reward is the “Heart of  Vell,” a the most powerful alchemy stone available.

A “luxury auction” will be introduced for extremely rare and precious weapons, giving adventurers with too much silver for their own good something to bid on with an actual auction system. Developers are discussing about using it for items like  “Class EXP Transfer Coupon,” “Arsha’s Weapon,” and “Life EXP Transfer Coupon.”

A camping system will also be introduced, spawning a tent that will provide a range of amenities, like repairing equipment or purchasing potions. Developers are working on a variety of shapes and effects for the tents.

Last, but not least, the western servers will shift to a bi-weekly maintenance cycle, aiming for better QA, localization and content development.

Below you can check out a few images of the content mentioned above.

At the moment,Black Desert Online is available exclusively for PC (both in stand-alone version and on Steam), but at Microsoft’s E3 press conference it was announced that the game will be released for Xbox One and Xbox One X early next year. A few months ago, Pearl Abyss also confirmed that the game will launch for the PS4 family of consoles as well, but no info has been provided on when this will happen, and we’re still in the dark about it.