Black Desert Online’s New Mystic Class Looks Amazing in New Gameplay

Black Desert Online’s New Mystic Class Looks Amazing in New Gameplay

Black Desert Online's Korean servers got the new Mystic class and new gameplay footage shows just how badass she is.

Black Desert Online‘s Korean developer Pearl Abyss made the brand new mystic class available to players, and boy, it looks good.

It was only a matter of time for footage to filter online, and YouTube user rendermax condensed just how graceful and powerful the animations of the mystic are. As usual, Black Desert has few rivals when it comes to visuals.

You can check it out in the video below, including gameplay at levels from 1 to 45, giving a good look at the low and mid range. Incidentally, if you want to play the class on the North American and European servers, we already know that it’ll come on the second half of the year. If you can’t wait, you can try the Striker, which is somewhat similar, and male, even if there are relevant differences in how the two classes play.

If you want to see more, you can enjoy character creation videos for the mystic, an official trailer for the classa few pieces of artwork giving another look on what she looks like, and her teaser trailer.

At the moment of this writing Black Desert Online is available only for PC (both in stand-alone version and on Steam), but at Microsoft’s E3 press conference we learned that the game will be released for Xbox One and Xbox One X early next year. A few months ago, Pearl Abyss also confirmed Black Desert Online will launch for the PS4 family of consoles as well, but no info has been provided on how long PS4 players will have to wait. We’ll try to dig up some info at Gamescom, but no promises.