Black Desert Online’s Massive New Region Kamasilve Gets First Look in Spectacular New Trailer

Black Desert Online’s Massive New Region Kamasilve Gets First Look in Spectacular New Trailer

Today Black Desert Online‘s Korean developer Pearl Abyss released a new trailer and a batch of screenshots giving a first look on the game’s upcoming new region, Kamasilve, that will further expand the already massive open world of the game.

Kamasilve is the land of the elves, split by internal conflict between two tribes, but still rich in brautiful nature and great vistas. The video showcases Black Desert Online‘s usual use of drastic elevation changes in order to achieve a charming landscape. It even has… chocobos… or whatever they will be called. They certainly look like chocobos, though.

The Kamasilve expansion will be implemented on the Korean servers in three parts, exactly like it was done with the Valencia expansion. The first part is scheduled for early 2017. It will also bring further updates like tier 9 horses and more.

At the moment we have no precise information on implementation plans on the North American and European server, since content always comes a few months later due to localization times.

As an appetizer, Black Desert Online‘s Korean players already got their hands on the new Dark Knight class, that together with the original Ranger, hails from Kamasilve, and is relevant to the story that will unfold in the new region, showing the conflict from the point of view of both tribes in successive updates.

If you want to read more about the new Kamasilve expansion and the Dark Knight class, you can enjoy our full Gamescom interview with Pearl Abyss, during which the developers talked about both topics quite extensively.

A look at tier 9 horses and an earlier glimpse at Kamasilve can also be found here, from a livestream in which Pearl Abyss teased the expansion during an event organised by the Japanese publisher of the game.

In case you have missed it, you can also enjoy our showcase of the game’s really nice snow weather tech, which is pretty much unique to Black Desert Online among the MMORPG industry.