See More of Black Desert Online’s Sexy New Dark Knight Class

See More of Black Desert Online’s Sexy New Dark Knight Class

The Korean servers of Black Desert Online recently received an update that added the new Dark Knight class, previously known as dark elf, and footage is appearing online, giving western players a glimpse on things to come.

YouTube user EZGames21 posted a couple of spiffy video giving a in-depth look at the class’ character creation and at its combo potential. On the other hand, user AFKalmighty shows some combat gameplay, and the fact that you can stray quite far from the popular image of a dark elf/knight when you create your character.

MoniChan TV also gives an interesting look on what the class looks and fights at average levels and without the cash shop armor. The same goes for user FluffyQuack, who also showcases how the Dark Knights sports some of the other outfits available in the game.

Unfortunately, it will take longer for western gamers to be able to enjoy the class, as it normally takes a few months for the North American and European servers to catch up, due to localization times.

If you want to read more about the class and the new Kamasilve expansion that will come next year, you can enjoy our full Gamescom interview with Pearl Abyss.

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