Black Desert Online’s Release on Steam Announced; Coming on May 24th

Black Desert Online’s Release on Steam Announced; Coming on May 24th

Pearl Abyss' gorgeous MMORPG Black Desert Online is landing on Steam in late May.

Today Black Desert Online publisher Kakao Games announced that the game will be released on Steam.

The launch on Valve’s digital distribution platform will happen on May 24th. Since the MMORPG is buy to play, Steam users will be able purchase the game and play it with no monthly subscription required.

You can find the newly-opened Steam listing here, ahead of the upcoming release.

If you’re not familiar with BDO, you can find an official list of features below:

  • Beautifully designed open world that’s as expansive as it is alive
  • Heart-pounding skill-based combat
  • Unprecedented character customization with incredible detail
  • Crisp next-generation graphics
  • Extensive open-world PvP modes (Arena mode, guild vs guild, node wars, castle siege, and more)
  • Engaging story with deep lore and epic quests
  • Unique farming system – grow and perfect your crops
  • Personalized stable – catch, tame, and breed wild horses
  • Deep crafting, housing, fishing, hunting, and alchemy systems
  • Intuitive action gameplay complete with gamepad support
  • Frequently updated with enormous free expansions

Black Desert Online is currently available for PC worldwide, with versions for PS4 and Xbox One already teased by Pearl Abyss, and coming down the line (no release window or details have been announced for the moment).

If you want to learn about recent announcements about the future of the game, you can check them out here and here.