Black Desert Online Celebrates the Summer With a Whole Waterpark

Black Desert Online Celebrates the Summer With a Whole Waterpark

Black Desert Online invites players to the Terrmian Waterpark to celebrate the hot summer.

Today Black Desert Online received its weekly update, and it included the beginning of the game’s summer event, the Terrmian Waterpark.

The waterpark is located near Olvia, and it will remain as a regular area after the event will end on August 9th.

The event will include various daily quests that will earn you Terrmian Coins. You’ll then be able to spend them to play six different beach-themed minigames that will net you Terrmian Seals and prizes. You can then exchange the seals for even more goodies, including loot and Terrmian Festival Entry Coupons… which will give a chance to win another batch of prizes.

I feel like I’m going in circles.

There are six daily quests providing coins, and they can be spent for the following minigames: Pop-a-Giant-Clam, Shoot Coconut Cannons, Dive Live! Feel Alive, Captain Moguly and the Spooky Ship, Bang Bang Bang! and Drive Out Terrmian Possessed Spirits.

Five seals will grant you a Shining Pearl Treasure Chest that includes boss armor and more goodies like black crystal shards, ancient weapon cores, black stones and more. Ten seals will let you get a Coral Crown, a Seahorse Diving Hat or a festival coupon.

Coupons will let you take part in a raffle to win one of two Geforce GTX 1080ti video cards, 30 blessing of kamasylve, 30 value packs, 30 Choppy pets, 60 Belle Epoque Ferry sets, and 60 Dark Thorn Fishing Boat sets. Keep in mind that all the prizes are split evenly between North America and Europe.

On top of the event, we also get a new attendance board that will last until August 16th, and the Marine Romance costume will return to the cash shop, to let you dress appropriately for the park. Strangely, we still aren’t getting actual swimsuits, which is surprising considering that the game isn’t exactly shy in showing skin.

You can check a video showcasing the new area below, courtesy of YouTube user Shoji Q. If you want to see more, you can enjoy the trailer showing the Kamasylvia Part II expansionthe awakening of the newly released Striker class, the original trailer that revealed his powerful moves. If you’d like to learn more about the game, you can read our recent interview with the developers at Pearl Abyss.

At the moment Black Desert Online is available only for PC (both stand-alone and via Steam), but at Microsoft’s E3 press conference we learned that the game is coming for Xbox One and Xbox One X in early 2018. Earlier this year we also got confirmation that it will be released for the PS4 family of consoles as well, even if no clue has been given on how long PlayStation players will have to wait in order to get their hands on the game.