New Black Desert Online Trailer Shows Massive City-Sized Leviathan Boss

New Black Desert Online Trailer Shows Massive City-Sized Leviathan Boss

If you want to fight a giant sea monster as big as a city, Black Desert Online will soon have you covered.

Today Black Desert Online Korean developer Pearl Abyss released a new trailer of the game, and it’s a big one, quite literally.

The trailer features “Bell,” a giant leviathan-like boss that will dwell in the game’s vast ocean. It’s so big, that when it was revealed back in April, the developers described it as large as the whole city of Heidel.

In order to fight Bell, players will have to get on their ships and use cannons to bring him down. It certainly appears to be one tough critter to deal with.

As usual, keep in mind that the western servers are usually a few months behind the content of the Korean ones, so we’ll have to wait a while before fighting Bell ourselves.

You can check out the video below, and see if you find him scary enough. The size is certainly impressive. If you want to see more of Black Desert Online, you can enjoy a some spiffy gameplay showcasing the new mystic classcharacter creation videos, an official trailera few pieces of artwork giving another look on what she looks like, and her teaser trailer.

At the moment of this writing Black Desert Online is available exclusively for PC (both in stand-alone version and on Steam), but at Microsoft’s E3 press conference we learned that the game will be released for Xbox One and Xbox One X early next year. A few months ago, Pearl Abyss confirmed that the game will launch for the PS4 family of consoles as well, but no info has been provided on how long PS4 players will have to wait.